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Serving the Music and Arts communities with merchandise needs for over 24 years.   We have full service screen printing, digital Garment Printing (DTG), UV Printing on state of the art flat and roll printers allowing us to produce high quality drum heads, signature drum sticks, guitar picks, pick guards, USB logo devices, cups, mugs, stadium bags as well as stickers, banners and merch display art.  We also can help with touring merch and inventory control as well as staffing your merch stand.

Why?  We know that Merchandise is often a significant  stream of income for many artist.   One T-Shirt equals 5000 streams in revenue for the band.  We also know the your image is important so we want you to look great on stage and your fans to look great in your merchandise.

Yes, we can Rock Your "Brand" too if you are not part of a band.    Although we cater to their world the equipment and process are the same for any company.


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