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Direct to Garment

What is it and How Can it Help Me?

Direct to Garment Printing or DTG allows us to print just one shirt of a kind or hundreds of shirts of a kind without any screens and without much set up.

The is outstanding for orders that need to be fulfilled quickly in low quantities.   Orders with many colors also benefit from this process.   Photographic prints can be produced for the same price as single color prints with DTG but the true price depends on the amount of ink usage and if the print requires white ink or not.   


  • DTG does not utilize screens and can be set up in little to no time. 

  • You can do individual prints (one offs) to highly customize your garment.

  • DTG is a great way to test a design out for marketability or just to see how a print will look on a specific garment before investing in a large order.

  • Photographs can be printed on fabric if available in digital format.

  • Photo Realistic images can be printed on fabric  

  • Water Based Inks are environmentally friendly


  • Per shirt cost is higher than Screen Printing

  • Large quantity orders may take extended time and ultimately would be better screen printed in many cases

  • DTG requires a pretreat process for any white ink usage. *note all dark shirts require white ink underbase.  Pretreat can stain certain colors and is not recommended for those colors. *note all dark shirts require white ink underbase.

  • Although technology has produced the availability of pretreat and ink that will print on polyester and rayon fabric, it is not as durable and not recommended in many cases.  100% cotton and cotton faced products are typically recommended for best results. 

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