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Custom Drum Heads

Your bands logo or art printed directly to the drum head using UV Print technology. We can supply your new head or you can send us your head.   Our heads are high quality Aquarian Heads and can include a kick port in multiple sizes and locations.  Please consider the KickPort when selecting Art.

UV inks are applied in a thin layer that will not affect resonance of the drum in anyway that would be audible.  This art will not peel off or bubble up like sticker art.  These make great stage pieces and offer a variety of looks.  After you are done with one of these heads, they are collector items for adoring fans - just add your autograph (or not).    

Any size head can be printed in this method.  Small heads make great Merch Table items, again just add your autograph to make it really special! (ps, if you don't want to sign them yourself, we can print your autograph on the heads)

If you prefer removable sticker art we also do that.   Because the sticker is "applied" to the head it will have some muffling effect but should not be a big problem in most cases and truthfully only the most trained ears notice it at all.  When amplified with a mic it is not noticeable.  This is a good option if you are using multiple kits or are in multiple bands using a personal logo.  If a kickport is cut into the art, it is best used on just one head.   Consider using art that avoids the kickport area if you will be removing it and using it on multiple heads. 

Our retail partner has sold Aquarian Drum heads for the past five years because of their quality, product options, company responsiveness and popularity among drummers.     Removable sticker art is not applied to our heads (unless you request that) and may be applied to any non coated head.

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